Welcome to Marienberg

Marienberg is the best known Renaissance city in the Erzgebirge. Evidence of its heritage can still be found at virtually every step through Marktplatz, laid out as an exacting square and showcasing the town’s magnificent church. The entire town itself is now listed as a historical monument – even some sections of the old medieval city walls still stand today.
Marienberg also has a long history as a mining town. One of the most handsome testaments to the Erzgebirge mining industry is the horse capstan located in Marienberg’s Lauta district. The grand Miners’ Parade, taking place each year in Marienberg on the 3rd Advent Sunday, never fails to draw thousands of visitors.
Sport, recreation and fun are never in short supply in Marienberg. Swimming and sunbathing await all at Aqua Marien – come make a splash at the largest swimming complex and water park in Saxony! While wintertime beckons you to dust off your skis and sleds for the Erzgebirge’s snow-covered slopes and breathtaking scenery.
Due to its proximity to the Czech Republic, Marienberg is particularly attractive for business travelers. Chomutov (Komotau) is roughly 25 minutes away over well-maintained roads, Most (Brüx) approx. 45 minutes. Marienberg is also centrally situated to most all other locations throughout the entire Erzgebirge region, thus making the Weißes Roß an ideal city and business hotel for business trips to the Erzgebirge and the border areas of the Czech Republic.